Cha de Bugre is a natural ingredient found in a small tree indigenous to Brazil and is commonly called café do mato (coffee of the woods) because it produces a red fruit similar to a coffee bean, which can be roasted and made in to a coffee substitute. But it also has some weight-loss benefits.

It  is becoming increasingly popular in herbal diet pills, cellulite reduction products and slimming  tonics.  It also an ingredient in our delicious BodyTrim™ beverage!

Cha de Bugre is a very powerful, natural appetite suppressant, mainly because it has the amazing ability to suppress your hunger pangs.

Most people consuming Cha de Bugre feel satisfied after eating only a small amount of food without getting any of those sugar cravings.

Here’s more information about this amazing ingredient:

Reduces Cellulite: Recent studies have also shown that Cha de Bugre works to reduce Cellulite… It has the ability to increase circulation in the hard to get to areas where cellulite and fatty deposits usually form.

Mild Diuretic: Cha de Bugre acts as a mild diuretic to help eliminate excess unwanted fluid from the body naturally.

Natural Stimulant: Cha de Burge is some times called the Brazilian Miracle. It is known to increase energy and alertness without the jitters and or the bad effects like other stimulants such as ephedra.

Health Tonic: Boosts Immune System, Increases Endurance, Improves Digestion, Supports Liver, Kidney and Colon Function as well as Clear Smooth Skin.


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