Meet Your BodyTrim Consultant


My name is Maiysha Johnson and I’m a Online Business Marketer, Mentor & Success Coach.

I was born in Washington DC and raised in Landover, Maryland. I currently reside in Morningside, MD near Andrews AFB with my wonderful husband Larnell and our dog Co-Co.

But more importantly to YOU, I am a true BodyTrim Success Story.

I stumbled upon the BodyTrim On-The-Go Weight Management Drink when looking for a way to help manage my health, lose a few pounds and keep them off, and reach a level a wellness that I felt was crucial in my life and something that I could pass on to family and friends.

I found it!! I tried a few different things, we all do, but this one was different. I loved that I did NOT have to change anything about my diet or lifestyle; however, it had an effect on me that caused me to eventually WANT to eat better and workout!  It was everything I was looking for.

I am constantly on the go and BodyTrim is perfect as it comes in little on-the-go pouches that I can carry with me wherever I go and simply drink one before I eat a meal and it helps to curb my appetite, gives me energy and most of all, helped me to lose weight and burn unwanted fat!

I’ve helped many people to do the same and I can help you too!


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